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Lambda Phi Epsilon
Nu Chapter SUNY Buffalo

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Nu Chapter History

Lambda Phi Epsilon's Nu Chapter began it’s humble beginnings as a fraternity known as Delta Gamma Tau. DGT was founded on the 21st of March, 1989. On the 15th of September, 1992 at 1:30am, all the brothers of Delta Gamma Tau reorganized and became brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon. With Nu Chapter’s induction into Lambda Phi Epsilon, the fraternity began its massive expansion on the East Coast. Nu Chapter was extremely involved in the chartering and growth into cities and schools such as: Boston, Pennsylvania State University, Binghamton, New York University, Cornell University, University of Toronto, and John Hopkins University. Those chapters soon began their growth and expansion to include a significant amount of East coast and international chapters.

Lambda Phi Epsilon History

A group of nineteen dedicated men decided to form Lambda Phi Epsilon on February 25, 1981. Noting that Asian fraternities and sororities at the UC campuses were recognized only as service organizations due to their memberships focus on specific Asian groups and to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, the goal of the founders was to transcend this limitation. The founders hoped to set new and higher standards of excellence for all Asian-interest organizations to follow, while feeling a need to offer a fraternity that would be recognized by the IFC and the Greek system.

While the original charter focused on Asian Pacific Americans, people from all ethnic backgrounds were welcome to join and support the brotherhood of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective communities and bridge the gaps that divided the Asian American community through an affiliation with a common organization. Then crossed the Alpha Tau Tyrants, the class who took over after Spring 2015


Develop individual skills and leadership abilities in young men


Promote academic achievement and social interaction among people


Promote interaction among people of different ethnic heritage


Provide a large alumni network of over 50,000+ graduated brothers

What is rush?

Rush is a two-week period when the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, Host events where interested students (rushee) can come out to meet the brothers, learn about the fraternity goals and get any questions answered. At the same time, the brothers will get to know you better as well.

Why Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life and even beyond. You will become a leader in your school, your community and the life you enter after college. You will create bonds that will last a lifetime with brothers not only within your home chapter but with chapters worldwide as well. In addition, Lambda Phi Epsilon maintains a tight network of alumni who are always willing to offer professional advice and give a helping hand.

Should I attend all the rush events?

While perfect attendance is not required, you are highly encouraged to attend all events. It is an opportunity for both you and the brothers to get to know each other better. It is also an opportunity for you to get answers to any questions that you might have. Plus, all our events are free and fun.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

It is true that a majority of our members are of Asian descent. However, Lambda Phi Epsilon is an Asian American interest fraternity, and there are many brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon all over the nation who are not of Asian descent. We encourage anyone interested in our fraternity to rush.

Is Lambda Phi Epsilon a big time commitment?

A common concern rushees have about joining a fraternity like Lambda Phi Epsilon is the amount of time the fraternity will take and how it will affect their academic pursuits and participation in other activities in college. You will soon learn that rather than being a restrictive force, Lambda Phi Epsilon empowers each of us and enables each individual member to achieve his fullest potential. The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon span all sorts of majors, from Pre-Med to English majors and more; all of which are here to support you. The brothers of Nu Chapter are also actively involved in many different Student Associations, UB Committees, and clubs. Becoming a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon does not mean you are limited to be involved with lambdas only.